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The Persian carpet is a symbol of history, culture and tradition of an ancient nation. His singular skill in the presentation of tissues, begins in the need to keep homes warm higher ground.

The technique used in the manufacture of carpets, has not changed much over the years and has remained for centuries. Skilled artisans and professionals in the trade, have worked Silk Wool and pure as only input, finally delivering carpet designs. Today these works of art decorate the floors and walls of palaces, museums and private collections.

Persia as the home of the Oriental Rug, was not always confined to the borders of modern Iran in the past 2,500 years has expanded and contracted over many parts of West and Central Asia. In view of this, when we speak of Persian designs, we should not think simply in terms of the boundaries of what is now Iran.

Kazak Oriental Rugs, one of the oldest and largest importers of Persian rugs in Colombia for more than 30 years, is pleased to invite you to their exclusive galleries strategically located close to appreciate what we have had.

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